Greg served several seasons as Jacksonville Bass Club's Tournament Director and was longtime Tournament Director of the Outhouse Anglers prior to that.  He  took 3rd at the September 2010 tournament at Rodman Reservoir with 8.88 lbs and also 3rd in October 2010 at Lake Orange with 10.07 lbs.  He also had the big fish at Lake Orange with 6.53 lbs.  He won at Rodman Reservoir with 15.10 lbs and had the big bass of 6.49 lbs in March 2011.  Greg joined Jacksonville Bass Club as a part of the Outhouse Anglers merger in 2002.  Greg won the September 2011 Tournament out of Lake Crescent with 9.32 lbs.  Greg placed 2nd at Lake Santa Fe in August 2012 with 7.75 lbs..  Greg was 3rd in March 2013 out of Welaka with 15.15 lbs.

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