Jacksonville Bass Club By-laws, Rules and Regulations
(Current as of May 7, 2020)


The aim of the Jacksonville Bass Club shall be for the enjoyment, mastery and further skill of bass fishing through cooperative effort, trust and good fellowship, and to promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for this great recreation.



1.    President: Danny Gathright

2.    Vice-President: Bill Toohey

3.    Secretary  & Treasurer: Kirk Hedrick

5.    Tournament Chairman: John Allen

6.    Chaplain: Bryon Berry



1.    Made (2) months before the classic.

2.    Election is held the month prior to the classic, unless there is a vacancy.

                  C.     TERMS

1.    Officers will serve a one (1) year term.

2.    The year will begin in June and will end with the classic, in the month of May.



a.    Shall call the meetings to order.

b.    Shall preside over the meetings.

c.    Shall not vote on any nominations or club activity; with the exception of a tie vote.

d.   Shall assist the other officers for the betterment of the club.


a.    Shall take over the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.

b.    Shall head a by-laws grievance committee with six (6) club members of his or her choice, per incident.

c.    Shall arrange fund-raiser and special function committees.

d.   Shall assist the other officers for the betterment of the club.


a.    Shall keep the minutes of the meeting.

b.    Shall handle required club business.

c.    Shall keep a list of members and their attendance at club functions.

d.   Shall send a monthly newsletter to active members of the Jacksonville Bass Club.

e.    Shall assist the other officers for the betterment of the club.


a.    Shall keep a record of all transactions between club members and club checkbook.

b.    Responsible for paying out the money at all club tournaments.

c.    Responsible for providing at each club meeting a verbal report of all financials, including total funds and progressive pot total. A written report is available upon request.

d.   Shall provide internet access to himself, Tournament Chairman & President; who are also listed as check signers on the club account.

e.    Shall assist the other officers for the betterment of the club.


a.    May assist in choosing tournament sites and has final choice.

b.    Shall coordinate pairings of boaters and non-boaters.

c.    Shall keep a record of each tournament’s point standings.

d.   Shall, with assistance, set up procedures on weighing and measuring fish at weigh-in.

e.    Will purchase plaques or trophies.

f.     Will select his/her committee members.

g.    Shall assist the other officers for the betterment of the club.

h.    In the absence of the Tournament Chairman, the “Acting Tournament Chairman” shall be as follows:

1.      President

2.      Vice-President

3.      Treasurer

4.      Secretary

5.      Chaplain

j. May change the site of the tournament or classic up to (1) month prior to                                                                

the tournament, if deemed that the site chosen would be a poor choice due to water levels, fish kills, poor water quality, best interest of the club, etc.


a.    Shall open all club functions with a prayer.

b.    Shall be in charge of the club flower fund and sending a card in the case of an illness, or flowers in the case of a death, of a club member’s immediate family.

c.    Shall assist the other officers for the betterment of the club.

                          7. TOURNAMENT SITE SELECTION COMMITTEE

                                    a. The Tournament site committee shall choose tournament sites.  The                                                                                                                                          Tournament Chairman reserves the right to choose the classic site.



1.      No member, guest or prospective member shall participate in a Jacksonville Bass Club tournament without receiving an updated copy of the “Club By-Laws and Tournament Committee Rules” prior to the first tournament fished.

2.      Jacksonville Bass Club shall retain a record of receipt and signature of each member, guest or prospective member who receives a copy for each year. Year runs from June – May.


1.      “Jacksonville Bass Club” reserves the right to deny any person to fish a tournament for any reason deemed appropriate by the club. A majority vote by the members present shall be taken.

2.      Shall attend four (4) club functions before being eligible to be voted on as a member of the club, by those present at a club function.

3.     Prospective members may receive retroactive tournament, angler of the year and meeting points, but may not draw prize monies until becoming an official member, as voted by the club. Prospective members shall not pay to fish, except “non-boaters” who will still be responsible for no less than $25.00 paid to their respective boater per day, but not membership fees, tournament entry fees or side pots.


1.    Any club member delinquent in dues for three (3) months will be notified and dropped from the roll.

2.    Any club member, even in good standing, must attend (1) club function, meeting or tournament, once per quarter, unless they have a known hardship (such as illness, work or military leave) to avoid being dropped from the roll. No refund will be given for any monies/fees paid.

3.    To be reinstated, the member must go through normal membership trial. Charter Members are exempt from the membership trial. Any monies owed will be collected.


1.    Membership fees shall be set at $45.00 a year; 100% of membership fees must be paid by the end of the second quarter (November). The flower fund will get $5.00 of every membership fee. This fund will be cleared out at the classic.

2.    Prospective members, who are voted into the club, will be required to catch up their membership fees before fishing their next tournament.


1.    Tournament entry fees will be set at $40.00, payable prior to the tournament.

2.    The first $10.00 of each entry fee goes to the club, and the remaining money is prize money.

3.    Payoff will be as follows:

a.    1 – 8 Participants:       Pay 1st only @ 100%.

b.    9 – 16 Participants:     Pay (2) places; 1st (60%) and 2nd (40%).

c.    17 Participants & Up: Pay (3) places; 1st (50%), 2nd (30%) and

     3rd (20%).

d.   Exceptions: When only one (1) person catches fish, then only 1st place is paid at 100%. If only two (2) people catch fish, the payout will be 1st: 60% and 2nd: 40%.

4.    An optional “Big Bass Pot” is available for a fee of $5.00 per member per tournament. The person who catches the largest bass of the tournament, and has paid the fee, will win the pot at 100% payback.

5.    Any member sponsoring a prospective member is eligible to have one (1) club paid entry fee, with the exception of the classic tournament, when that prospective member is voted into the club. The maximum number of tournaments that an angler can fish for free shall be one (1) tournament per year.

6.    Any member will not be allowed to fish until all debts are current. This includes all club dues, as well as the entry fees.

7.    In the event of a tie, the money and/or classic points will be combined with the next place, and divided between the two people.

8.    Entry fees will not be refunded or carried over; the only exception would be the death of a family member.

9.    There is no longer a calcutta.


                              A.. There will be no points awarded for simply fishing a tournament or showing up to a meeting.

                              B. There will no longer be a minimum number of tournaments that you must fish.

                              C. You can buy any number of tournaments that you do not fish and will be awarded last place points.

                              D. Top 20 go to the classic.

                              E. Points awarded toward AOY/Classic as follows:

                                  First place: 50 points
                                  Second place: 45 points
                                  Third place: 40 points
                                  After third place, one point increments starting with 39.
                                  Big fish receives 1 additional point.

F.     Angler of the Year:

1.      The club shall recognize the angler of the year at the end of the year. Angler of the year will be the person who has accumulated the most tournament points from June to April  through the current points system in place for the club at this time. The angler of the year award will consist of a plaque or jacket and the following year’s entry fees paid for. Angler of the year will also be awarded 10% of the classic fund fished for at the end of the year.

2.      The club shall recognize 2nd Place in angler of the year by awarding that person (2) paid entry fees during the following year.

3.      The club shall recognize 3rd Place in angler of the year by awarding that person (1) paid entry fee during the following year.


A.    The classic will be held in the month of May.

B.     Tournament Chairman must notify members of date and location two (2) months prior to the classic.

C.   The top 20 in the points will become eligible for the Classic.

D.    Base entry fee will be set at $100.00, then for every tournament a member fishes throughout the regular season, $5.00 will be deducted from the base fee.s

E.     The classic will always pay out (3) places.

F.      No meeting or tourney participation points are awarded for the classic tournament.

G. There will be no guests at the classic.  Only qualified  members may participate.

H.  Non-boaters who qualify for the classic are required to find their own boater to fish with.  The tournament chairman is not responsible to find a boater for them.  Boaters who qualify for the classic are not required to take a non-boater and do so voluntarily.


A.    Club Secretary will keep a list of members present at each meeting. The minimum age for membership is 18 years of age. They need to be able to provide their own transportation to and from events, have their own equipment (rods & tackle), and possess the ability to fish on their own volition without assistance.

B.     The club hat and shirt colors are open.


A.    Any club check written over $100.00 shall require two (2) of the three (3) authorized signatures.

B.     Payment of winnings shall be payable at the end of the tournament at the ramp. No checks will be issued until any & all protests are resolved. If two (2) check signers are unavailable, then winnings shall be payable at the next meeting or may be mailed in a timely manner to participant. All payouts will be done by check.


A.    No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs allowed during club tournaments or meetings.

B.     No one under the influence of alcohol will be allowed to fish a tournament of attend any club function.

C.     Good sportsmanship rules will be observed.

D.    If competitor has the trolling motor up and anchor out, you may not get within 50 yards of the competitor’s boat; unless the competitor allows you to do so.

E.     No trolling.

F.      No live bait.

G.    No jigger fishing.

H.    Only one (1) rod and reel in action at a time.

I.       All boats must comply with U.S.C.G. requirements.

J.       All members will wear life jackets or life vests anytime the boat is on plane.

K.    The boater must not let his/her line or bait drift or float back past the center of the boat, as to interfere with the non-boater’s water; non-boater shall abide by the same rules for the boater.

L.     If fishing in canals or narrow waterways, the boater should ask the non-boater if he/she would like to fish in the front of the boat, so as each would have equal chances.

M.   It is every member’s responsibility to furnish their own life preserver, rain suit, rods, tackle, etc.

N.    A “Protest/Grievance” must be officially reported to the Tournament Director or acting Tournament Director no later than (10) minutes after the scales are closed and before checks are presented on tournament day. The person filing a protest must be present. Any protests/grievances will be submitted to the President, who will appoint a grievance committee to review the grievance. Grievance committee decisions are final.

O.    Disputes: If any contestant refuses to abide by the decision of the Tournament Grievance Committee and elects to litigate any dispute arising out of a Jacksonville Bass Club tournament, the contestant agrees, by participation in the event, that the venue of any such litigation will be held in Duval County, FL regardless of the tournament venue. Furthermore, contestant agrees to pay for all of Jacksonville Bass Club’s attorney fees and costs incurred by Jacksonville Bass Club representatives as a result of the contestant filing such litigation regardless of whether the contestant prevails. Moreover, any contestant who files a lawsuit regarding a dispute arising out of a Jacksonville Bass Club event, instead of abiding by the decision of the Tournament Grievance Committee, agrees to reimburse Jacksonville Bass Club representatives for any and all time spent by Jacksonville Bass Club representatives on such litigation, (such as trial preparation, attending depositions, responding to discovery requests, etc.) at the rate of not less than $65.00 per hour. Such reimbursement will be made within (10) days of the date the contestant or the contestant’s attorney receives an invoice from Jacksonville Bass Club representatives, even if such reimbursements are billed prior to the date set for trial.

P.      Non-boaters will pay a minimum of $25.00 per day to boaters for fuel and other expenses, any additional costs will be discussed prior to the start of the tournament.

Q.    Proposed pairings of boaters and non-boaters will be held at the Thursday night meeting.


A.    By-laws are open for discussion once a year, (2) months (March) prior to the classic.

B.     Voting takes place the next month (April).

C.     If all club officers that are present agree that it is for the good of the club, the by-laws may be opened during the year, as needed; to be voted on by club members at the club meeting.


1.      All State Florida Game and Fish Rules will be abided by.

2.      Any violation of By-Laws or Tournament Committee Rules will result in disqualification unless otherwise stated.

3.      In support of the future of bass fishing, all live fish will be released. A 0.25 lb. penalty will be subtracted for each dead fish weighed in.

4.      Fish must be brought to the scales in a weigh-in bag with water; non-compliance will result in a 0.25 lb. penalty.

5.      The State Laws will determine the length limit and bag limit for the body of water being fished.

6.      Tournament weigh-in times shall be 3 PM with the exception of the classic and the first day of 2 day tournaments.

7.      Fish will be measured on a Golden Rule, with the mouth closed. If any part of the tail touches the appropriate inch line (12"), it will be considered a legal fish. Each contestant will be responsible for verifying his/her catch and weight.

8.      There will be a one (1) pound and one (1) point penalty for each under and oversized fish brought to the scales, plus loss of the fish. No courtesy measurements. In the case of an only fished weighed, the one (1) pound penalty will be deducted from the individual’s aggregate weight.

9.      There will be a one (1) pound penalty for each minute late at weigh-in. After five (5) minutes, the contestant will be disqualified.

10.  In case of mechanical problem, another boat may bring boaters and non-boaters fish in, so long as one is present. A 30-minute leeway will be given to the assisting boat. In the event that an angler is fishing alone, it is the angler’s decision to leave his/her boat anchored or turn his/her fish over to the assisting angler.

11.  If you arrive late at the launch site for take-off, before starting to fish, you must locate any member and have him/her check your boat.

12.  If more fish are brought to the scales than the legal limit, that angler’s fish will be culled to the legal limit, starting with the biggest fish.

13.  Tournaments will be held within a 200-mile radius of downtown Jacksonville, with the exception of the Classic.

14.  No culling at the ramp.

15.  All tournament contestants must be club members or prospective members. Contestants may fish solo or pair themselves with other contestants. In the event a member wants to fish a tournament, but cannot find a partner, the tournament chairman will pair that member with a partner. All boaters without a partner will be placed into a hat. The tournament chairman will draw a name from the hat at our meeting the Thursday night before the tournament.

16.  There will be an optional “Progressive Big Bass Pot”. Any member wishing to participate will pay a $5.00 fee per tournament. The fee has to be paid before each tournament. A member may “catch up” no more than (2) progressive pot entry fees, after having missed fishing (2) consecutive tournaments. A member missing (3) consecutive tournaments, would be ineligible for the remainder of the season and would forfeit all monies paid to date toward the progressive pot. The progressive big bass pot will be won when an angler catches a fish weighing 8 lbs. or more. If not won by the last tournament of the year, then the big bass of the “Classic Tournament” will win the pot.

17.  No participant may receive third party assistance during a tournament to catch fish, guard fish or fishing areas, unless they are in the same boat. This act would automatically disqualify the participant from the tournament. The disqualified participant would not receive any prize monies and/or tournament points. Membership termination may result from this act, as determined by a vote of the members present at a club function. All monies paid to date would be forfeited to the club, no refunds of any monies will be granted.

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