The Classic will be out of Lake Talquin Lodge on May 5th & 6th.  Click here for a link to their website.  They have us reserved for the following cabins, but you MUST CALL and solidify your own arrangements with Mrs. Pat at the lodge and tell her how many nights you want.  The phone number is 850-627-3822.  Do not delay.

Cabin #1 - 3 beds
Cabin #3 - 3 beds
Cabin #5 - 4 beds
Cabin #6 - 4 beds
Small Trailer - 3 beds
Our 2nd Annual Club Fellowship Banquet and Cook-Out will be at Lake Fretwell Park on Saturday, April 14, 2018.  We have the entire park reserved from 11 AM until 2 PM.  Please plan to attend and bring your family.  There will be raffles, hamburgers and hot dogs.  We will plan to eat at 12 noon.  Also keep in mind this will serve as our meeting for the Classic!  
AOY Standings have been updated and are current as of February 26, 2018.



7 pm   March 1, 2018

Dicks Sporting Goods (Orange Park Mall)

This is our by-laws and nominations meeting.  The classic will also be announced!



March 3, 2018

Rodman - Kenwood

If you use a GoPro, I would like to recommend  that you consider a YOLOTEK powered pole.  It plugs directly into your NAV port on the rear of your boat and powers your GoPro all day long, eliminating the need to constantly change batteries.  Follow the link below to purchase one today.  

Congratulations to our First Place, Second Place, Third Place & Big Bass Winners from Rodman.

Steve Sneed

First Place

15.32 lbs.

& Big Bass

5.81 lbs

Karl Hidalgo

Second Place

14.44 lbs


Matt Field

Third Place

12.77 lbs



For information about joining Jacksonville Bass Club, please contact John Allen at 904-771-4886 or

We have Jacksonville Bass Club stickers available for your truck and boat.  They will be on sale at the next meeting for $5 each.  Get them while they last.

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