The following is a list for bass club members.  We rotate our non-boaters alphabetically by last name.  This list is for you to be able to keep up with your turn.  Those who already have a non-boater are skipped, but we will rotate back to them if they should lose their non-boater.  We are not required to carry a non-boater at the classic.  Non-boaters who make the classic will be required to make their own arrangements for that tournament.

Allen, John (December 2019)

Berry, Bryon (Nov, 2019)

Chavis, Charlie   (October 2019)

Collins, Dwayne

Cooper, James  (October 2019)

Crowe, Chase

Ernst, George (January 2019)

Field, Matt

Folds, Sam (Jan 2020)

Gathright, Danny (December 2019)

Geiger, Casey

Grant, Mike

Halliday, Doc (July 2019)

Hawarah, Tom

Hedrick, Kirk (August 2019)

Hidalgo, Karl  (Feb. 2020)

Holloway, Barry

Hull, Rob

Hunter, Tuffy

Mercer, Glen

Phillips, Randy (February 2019)

Simmons, Jamie

Sneed, Steve (Nov. 2019)

Strickland, Ed

Strickland, Ernie

Taylor, Danny

Taylor, Jr, Danny

Toohey, Bill (Jan 2020)

Wolfe, Andrew

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